Subtractive Synthesis 


Moog Matriarch made in the mid-end twenty nineteen an analog patchable synthesizer with midi and capable of producing classic moog sounds semi-modular with 90 patch points on its front panel this synthesizer can use a combination of single voice, duo, or four voice paraphonic mode.. The Matriarch is analog in style having the looks and feel of a moog with all the rotary pots sliders switches color modules that can be

patch compatible with moog series equipment or externally connected to eurorack component modules.


The Moog Matriarch has a 4 octave keyboard with built-in sequencer, arpeggiator, stereo analog delay bringing modular synthesis to the many and not the few.




Synthesizer details:



Model: Moog Matriarch

Company: MoogMusic

Country of Manufacture: USA

Type: Analog

Sequencer 256 Step 4 notes12 patterns

Arpeggiator Forward/Backward/Random

Keyboard 49 key Velocity Sensing with Aftertouch

4 note parphonic, 2-note paraphonic, monophonic 

Analog Delay Stereo

Pitch Bend, Mod Wheels, Controllers

CV Output Sustain ,Expression Variable Glide

6.35 mm (1/4 in) TRS/TS Out

Midi In,Out,Thru