The Ensoniq ASR10 Advanced Sampling Recorder is 16 Bit with 64 oversampling and having 31 note polyphony manufactured between 1992-1998. This sampling workstation a performance keyboard that does not require a computer to compose a song. Having flexible effects and advanced midi sequencer with multi-layered synthesis. 


This workstation is one of three generations of EPS samplers like the EPS-EPS 16 Plus having a dual effects processor similar to the Ensoniq DP4  effects unit. The ASR10 can record to disk with a standard 2mb

of internal memory this can be upgraded to 16mb offering sample rates of 31Khz or 44.1 Khz through sigma-delta 64 times oversampling.

Synthesizer details: 

Model: ASR10 Advanced Sampling Recorder

Company: Ensoniq

Country of Manufacture: USA

Type: Sampler 

16 bit with oversampling.

1 3.5 inch floppy disk drive (internal)

31 Voice Polyphony with LCD Display Screen

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