YamahaTG500 Synthesizer based on the original SY85 keyboard made in the mid-nineties a digital AWM2 (advanced wave memory) FM Yamaha developed Synth engine. 

The editing functions of the TG500 are as extensive as the SY85 which makes it possible to program it through external or software editors.

The TG500 incorporates four expansion slots (two for data) also ( two for wave cards ).There are six audio outputs for connection to external mixers the TG500 is 64 part multitimbral with three modes,a voice mode use's a single voice per patch,Multimode two or more voices then Performance mode a split-layer mode using up to 4 patches per sound.The TG500 has multi-mode filters and a dual-effects that include chorus, delay, exciter, flanger and paramedic EQ with distortaton,echo these effects can be applied in series or individually. TheTG500 has four output sends giving it the AWM 2 Yamaha sound unlike most modern styled digital or analog synthesis.


Synthesizer details: 

Model: Yamaha TG500 FM-Synthesis Digital: 

Company: Yamaha

Country of Manufacture: Japan

Type: 1U Synthesizer Module

AWM2 advanced wave memory

12 buttons with assignable parameters.

4 Card slots (two data) (two wave)

Velocity with Aftertouch

64 Voice Polyphony with Display Screen

6 Digital Outputs: 6.35 mm (1/4 in) TRS/TS Out

MIDI (DIN) IN,Out,Thru