Roland D110 Synthesizer a Linear Arithmetic (sampling plus synth)the D110 is a rack mounted Multitimbral sound module with multiple audio outputs. This synthesizer uses LA Synthesis based on partials a small container that stores an oscillator to generate PCM ( pulse code modulated ) samples that are stored in ROM (read only memory). 


The Roland D110 synthesizer is equipped with an external memory card for storing sounds and it has multiple editing functions their are many extensive program menus also 16 program buttons available on its front panel for system control.  

A multitimbral expander with 32 instruments that allocate dynamically the partials for each sound then connected by two elements called bits to form a structure to recreate its tone.Performance parameters are also included in a rhythm part allowing 63 percussion sounds. A back-lit LCD display to the front on the left-hand volume and headphone outputs.

To the rear of the D110 are mixed outputs including two standard 1/4 inch sockets six multi output jacks and three midi ports midi In, out and thru giving this tone module its sound and some analog warmth of its classic bigger brother the Roland D50.

Synthesizer details: 

Model: D110 Synthesizer

Company: Roland

Country of Manufacture: Japan

Type: LA Synthesis

16 buttons with assignable parameters.

1 Memory Card Slot 

32 Voice Polyphony with LCD Display Screen

6 Outputs: 6.35 mm (1/4 in) TRS/TS Out

1 Headphone Out 

Volume Out

MIDI (DIN) IN,Out,Thru