ADSR Envelope Generators

Envelope Generators Attack, Decay, Release are timing, not voltage parameters, Sustain sets the level of which the ADSR can output voltage after the attack and decay portions of the wave have completed.The  ADSR will start once it receives a signal and will stop upon the release of the trigger.

The gate has the same function as the Attack and Release of the envelope generator only tells the envelop generator when to start or stop.When the gate cycle stops the ADSR it will go to its release stage for the envelop and at whatever point the signal is applied by the trigger and overall envelop settings of the ADSR.

The attack settings control the voltage set by the rotary control or viarable sliders this control voltage only alters the time it takes to complete its travel.

Voltage decay could be instantaneous to many seconds, this depends on the position of the decay attenuator setting applied at the envelop generators decay control.The sustain attenuator will also affect the voltage timing or how long the gate lasts before the audio is finally released or notes to the keyboard are lifted this allows the cycle output to complete.